Project Seat Cover.

Hello fellow crafters and fashion lovers!

Don’t you just hate it when you have a beautiful piece of furniture that just doesn’t seem to be practical? I have this amazing industrial looking stool purchased from Alexander & Pearl that I currently use in my sewing room, the only problem is I literally slip off it no matter what I am wearing. So today was the day I was going to do something about it.

My first instinct was to crochet a cover but then I remembered I had this great gold strong cotton material sitting on the shelf. The cotton was bought from Les Coupons by Marché St Pierre in Paris last year and I believe it was about 3 metres for 10 euros.

After bit of measuring and a few false starts later I had completed my cover. No need for staple guns here, I simply threaded a piece of elastic through the bottom seam (a bit like a shower cap!) and it holds really well. I like that it is also a temporary solution and I can take it off whenever I like. I won’t lie, sewing round things is difficult, but I am eager to do a round leather bag for Atelier Boyceau so i’m hoping practice makes perfect.

Oh and the grip on my derrière is just right! 🙂


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