Hello and Welcome to Atelier Boyceau! Vive la handmade revolution!

If you like original design and handmade items this is the place for you. I am passionate about well made unique fashion and present you my collection of handbags and knitwear all of which are for sale via Etsy.

The compulsion to make things took hold just over a year ago, and while I have been knitting for a few years I found myself in a creative whirlwind that I have embraced and honestly hope it doesn’t stop! I combine materials, colours and textures to give you a beautiful unique item. I love the thrill of finishing a new design and am so lucky to have the time to dedicate to my new passion. I work not only with hand knitting but fabrics and leathers too and am always looking to learn new techniques.

I am English and I live in France with my partner “the Belge” just outside of Paris. Via my posts on my creative work I will no doubt be sharing with you a few stories of what it is like to live and work here.

I hope you will also feel inspired by my work and will enjoy what I have to share!

Thanks for reading!




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