Process vs Product

While I continue on my journey of cotton lace knits for Summer it got me thinking of something I once read on a knitting forum. Knitters are generally either inspired by the process of knitting or by the finished product.

I can definitely say I am product motivated! Knitting doesn’t calm me, hand knitting a large item isn’t a way to simply fill my time or occupy idle hands. I don’t sit in a rocking chair savouring each stitch, revelling in repetitive movements.

What I do revel in however is the pure creative process. I do very much appreciate learning new techniques and understanding the mechanics behind each stitch formation. I love how yarn can be transformed from a lifeless cone to an inviting jumper full of character and grace. I knit quickly, almost as if I am in a rush, because really I am.

Since teaching myself how to make patterns there has been a lot of trial and error projects. It’s a steep learning curve! However once a project starts I am always so exited to get to the finish line, sew the item up and try it on. There is truly nothing like the feeling of putting on a newly completed item, especially if it has turned out as planned, and like all strong sensations the urge to repeat the process is overwhelming.

I’m now chanelling my creative skills towards dress making, and after a few trips to the Marché St Pierre in Paris I am ready to get sewing. Like my knitted items I am looking to make clothes that are easy to wear but make you stand out in the crowd!

I like the idea of items that have longevity, there is so much fast fashion out there, I believe if you are going to purchase handmade it should be for something you can’t get on the high street and something you are going to wear season after season. Of course it remains important to stay current and fresh and I hope to be able to live up to these ideals going forward with all Atelier Boyceau creations.

As always, Watch this space!



Bienvenue chez moi.


I am very lucky to live in the beautiful city of Versailles. We are also very lucky to be experiencing such good weather for this time of year! Most trees are still green and the few that have started to change add amazing yellow and orange accents to the scenery.

I live in a flat on the top floor of an amazing old house, and literally there is inspiration all around! The building itself has an impressive exterior; pale grey roof tiles, orange and beige brick with eye catching blue and yellow wall tiles all surrounded by an immense, overgrown wild garden.

Our apartment is flooded with natural light and we have filled it with bright furnishings, the block colours and patterns work perfectly with our natural oak furniture and wooden parquet flooring. Old meets new; stone fireplace, retro sofa, old oak chest, abstract prints of our favourite artists on the wall, and it wouldn’t feel alive without sharing the space with our beloved house plants (the poor Yucca didn’t make our last house move). It seems that as different as me and the Belge are we certainly agree when it comes to our little “nid d’amour”!

For me, working on my handmade items environment is everything. A large 50’s sideboard hides drawers stuffed with fabric, yarn, tools and books. As much as I need a proper workshop space I am currently making do with the dining table. Got to adapt and make it work, and I am getting on surprisingly ok. Helps immensely that it is incredibly quiet here, and no one to complain about me singing at the top of my voice while I work.

My previous post shares a few photos of what I am looking at everyday (apart from the photo of the knitted outdoor stool, an example of yarn bombing over in the UK-Cockermouth. Was amazed to notice it in the street back in Feb, something quite absurd looking proudly like it belonged there, no one seemed phased by it, I of course was utterly fascinated!). There is something quite calming about being surrounded by pretty things. France is certainly the right country for that, aesthetic beauty is engrained in their culture, everything should look beautiful, from the women to the pastries, the buildings to the strategically planted trees. No going shopping in your joggers! Well not in the capital anyway..

Talking of shopping, would you consider a curly cabbage and a butternut squash exotic? The checkout girl today had no idea what they were…..