New skill of the day: peyote bead stitch

Feeling inspired to add something special to my handbags I came across several images of beaded beads. After more research I discovered the peyote stitch and a few failed attempts later I think I can safely say I have harnessed a new skill.

How satisfying to see the plain wooden beads transformed into beautiful sparkly jewels that could easily adorn a bag strap or simply make a great necklace.

I’m off to continue my bead adventure armed with acrylic paint, fabric and newspaper. Good job I have the place to myself this week!

More to come……


Project upcycle shirt

The current winter trend of sparkly edged tops, collars, shoulders and cuffs got me hankering after something new for me. After deciding against splashing out on a new item I challenged myself to come up with a hand made version. Always good practice for future items for my Atelier Boyceau shop, especially as I would like to diversify my collection going forward.

Unfortunately I did not have anything suitable already in my wardrobe to adapt (the Belge would never believe that!) so I found a couple of floaty shirts from “Jennifer” in town in the sale. Bargain! Now onto the interesting part.

After a squiz on the net I found myself in front of two amazing bead shops in Paris that for some reason I had never been to before (surprising really as I have been many times to this area as it is great for vintage and second hand items). GOOD ADDRESS ALERT:
The words “child” and “sweetshop” come to mind, I was overwhelmed with choice and relished looking at everything in the shop mentally memorising what I saw and already imagining future creations.
Settling on silvers for a metallic look, I decided to mix large quantities of plain grey glass beads with accents of larger clear and silver lined beads.

Once home I got to work on hand sewing each bead onto the collar of each shirt. Time consuming? Yes. Boring? No. Here’s the final result. It looks fabulous done right up to the top and worn with black slim trousers and high heel boots.

On my next night out I shall post a photo!

What do we think? Feeling inspired?