Black cotton dresses now available on Etsy.

I have just finished two black cotton knitted dresses for Atelier Boyceau on Etsy .

Really happy with the final result! Chic, easy to wear, feminine and unique!

Currently available in size M. Can be paired with a bright coloured belt or scarf, wear it as loose or as tight as you like. The lace secton really makes it a special staple wardrobe piece.

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New Prints on the Block

Another new string to my bow is t-shirt block printing! It has taken a while and a few wrong turns but I’m so happy with my final results I’m hoping to take it further for the Atelier Boyceau range.

I have stradled this project over two main strands, patterns (of course) and silhouette black & white faces. There always seems to be two clear facets to a lot of my work, staying faithful to texture and ornate shapes, and a strong desire to be modern, fun and bright. I guess it’s the knitter in me versus the youthful girl who loves fashion! No bad thing to have diversity, however I hope this doesn’t detract from the stylistic identity I would like for Atelier Boyceau. The answer will be to carefully combine these elements going forward….

Back to the tees. Once I chose my image and altered it how I wanted I used printer transfer paper to iron on the image. Cue photo:

Atelier Boyceau printed image t-shirt

Atelier Boyceau printed image t-shirt

I used a great image of my sister (she loves it!), however as I feared the image didn’t hold up too well after washing and I really don’t want to sell a sub standard product so I had to rethink. The obvious next step would have been to get some basic screen printing supplies. However I am stuck for space and so chose the (more time consuming) option of block printing. Cue next photos:

A few hitches, I had tried with regular acrylic paint but it really doesn’t hold up in the wash so I used screen printing ink. It was too thin at first but then I got better results using a fluffy roller. I did however hand finish the prints to get a darker result. The second image is of me and the Belge if you were wondering 😉 I love the picture and makes me smile! Each t-shirt also has a stamped phrase in French on using a permanent ink stamp.  “bébé d’amour” and “je pense à toi” seemed like fitting phrases for each picture. Cue final results:

All items are now available on my Etsy shop. Vive handmade!!!! 🙂

Process vs Product

While I continue on my journey of cotton lace knits for Summer it got me thinking of something I once read on a knitting forum. Knitters are generally either inspired by the process of knitting or by the finished product.

I can definitely say I am product motivated! Knitting doesn’t calm me, hand knitting a large item isn’t a way to simply fill my time or occupy idle hands. I don’t sit in a rocking chair savouring each stitch, revelling in repetitive movements.

What I do revel in however is the pure creative process. I do very much appreciate learning new techniques and understanding the mechanics behind each stitch formation. I love how yarn can be transformed from a lifeless cone to an inviting jumper full of character and grace. I knit quickly, almost as if I am in a rush, because really I am.

Since teaching myself how to make patterns there has been a lot of trial and error projects. It’s a steep learning curve! However once a project starts I am always so exited to get to the finish line, sew the item up and try it on. There is truly nothing like the feeling of putting on a newly completed item, especially if it has turned out as planned, and like all strong sensations the urge to repeat the process is overwhelming.

I’m now chanelling my creative skills towards dress making, and after a few trips to the Marché St Pierre in Paris I am ready to get sewing. Like my knitted items I am looking to make clothes that are easy to wear but make you stand out in the crowd!

I like the idea of items that have longevity, there is so much fast fashion out there, I believe if you are going to purchase handmade it should be for something you can’t get on the high street and something you are going to wear season after season. Of course it remains important to stay current and fresh and I hope to be able to live up to these ideals going forward with all Atelier Boyceau creations.

As always, Watch this space!