Easy Sew Work Skirt

I am happy to announce that I will be starting a new full time job soon. It has been a long time coming and I am quite relieved! However it does mean that I will be spending a lot less time doing the things I love. I am hoping to be able to cram knitting, sewing and bag making into evenings and weekends, it is such an important part of who I am these days that I really don’t think I could live without it!

I want to share a new work skirt I have made using a tutorial from “So sew easy- Making a Pencil skirt Sloper” I have always been a knitter first but after having finally taught myself to use the overlocker (that’s been sitting in the corner for 2 years) I thought it was about time to take on some simple sewing. I am certain that this will be the first project of many as it is so satisfying to make something that fits perfectly, and in a fraction of the time of a knitting project.

Plus I will certainly enjoy wearing this on my first day!

I used the basic pattern technique in the tutorial and I added a leather waistband, invisible zip, small split and hand sewn invisible hemline. Fits like a dream. Give it a go! xx

CIMG4858 CIMG4857


New clutch bags available on Etsy. Come have a peak!

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Black cotton dresses now available on Etsy.

I have just finished two black cotton knitted dresses for Atelier Boyceau on Etsy .

Really happy with the final result! Chic, easy to wear, feminine and unique!

Currently available in size M. Can be paired with a bright coloured belt or scarf, wear it as loose or as tight as you like. The lace secton really makes it a special staple wardrobe piece.

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Objects of desire 2.

As my passion for pattern grows, here are three items I am currently in love with.

These gorgeous gold coloured earrings are from Pilgrim (bought at Debenhams) and I just love their angular shape, art deco yet modern style, I love wearing them!

This clutch bag (a bag maker who still buys bags right?!) is fresh off a market stall in Marrakesh, I just couldn’t resist and after a bit of bartering we agreed a price. I love the colours and authentic pattern, looking forward to wearing it with a white t in the summer and of course it serves as another dose of inspiration for my own designs.

And finally I would like to share my favourite sewing room chair that I picked up at a craft fair in Warwick from a great fabric designer. You can see more from this designer here: www.facebook.com/bakeronsundaystreet

I have nearly finished three cotton knitted dresses that I am looking forward to sharing and adding to my Etsy shop so check back soon if you are in need of a spring smart/casual dress to impress with!!!


New Prints on the Block

Another new string to my bow is t-shirt block printing! It has taken a while and a few wrong turns but I’m so happy with my final results I’m hoping to take it further for the Atelier Boyceau range.

I have stradled this project over two main strands, patterns (of course) and silhouette black & white faces. There always seems to be two clear facets to a lot of my work, staying faithful to texture and ornate shapes, and a strong desire to be modern, fun and bright. I guess it’s the knitter in me versus the youthful girl who loves fashion! No bad thing to have diversity, however I hope this doesn’t detract from the stylistic identity I would like for Atelier Boyceau. The answer will be to carefully combine these elements going forward….

Back to the tees. Once I chose my image and altered it how I wanted I used printer transfer paper to iron on the image. Cue photo:

Atelier Boyceau printed image t-shirt

Atelier Boyceau printed image t-shirt

I used a great image of my sister (she loves it!), however as I feared the image didn’t hold up too well after washing and I really don’t want to sell a sub standard product so I had to rethink. The obvious next step would have been to get some basic screen printing supplies. However I am stuck for space and so chose the (more time consuming) option of block printing. Cue next photos:

A few hitches, I had tried with regular acrylic paint but it really doesn’t hold up in the wash so I used screen printing ink. It was too thin at first but then I got better results using a fluffy roller. I did however hand finish the prints to get a darker result. The second image is of me and the Belge if you were wondering 😉 I love the picture and makes me smile! Each t-shirt also has a stamped phrase in French on using a permanent ink stamp.  “bébé d’amour” and “je pense à toi” seemed like fitting phrases for each picture. Cue final results:

All items are now available on my Etsy shop. Vive handmade!!!! 🙂