Inspiration is all around us version Bordeaux!

On a recent trip to Bordeaux and the Médoc region of France I found myself falling back in love with this amazing country!

The sun shone so bright off the pale stone buildings, flowers bloomed with intense pink colours and people smiled at each other across an apéritif. Cycling around the city centre in complete tranquillity we drank in the history and elegance of our surroundings.

Such a world away from Paris life I could definitely imagine myself against this sun-kissed backdrop.

We stayed at a particularly beautiful guest house in Margeaux where a lot of the photos were taken. While the interior was perhaps on the classic side for me I was incredibly impressed by the work that the owner had put in to decorating each room and the grounds of the property. Such attention to detail, from grand chandeliers to delicate china cups the French flair was everywhere.

One cannot be anything other than inspired, n’est pas?


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