Objects of Desire

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A few recent purchases that merit a photo.

These beautifully patterned bowls were picked up in Paris from “Chinaco” in the 13th arrondissement on Rue Tolbiac. Made in Japan and costing only 5 euros each I just couldn’t resist. I am mesmerised by the intricacy of the pattern and I love the blue and white colours. I have always had a penchant for patterned items and my collection is certainly growing! I would like to replicate a version of this pattern hand painted onto plain wooden beads, I will need a steady hand (and much practice)!

Second up are two vintage women’s watches purchased from Etsy, www.etsy.com/shop/RetroWatch
I love retro watches and just can’t bring myself to buy a modern one. My favourite is the black and white as I love the two toned face, the square shape and the glitter of the number notches, it is something quite special! I may keep this one for best, dressed with my 50’s crew neck a-line black dress and my retro doctor’s handbag I think it will certainly turn heads. I was lucky to find a new cream leather strap at a local brocante today (4 euros!) and as you can see from the second photo it totally transforms the over all look of the gold watch.

I am currently working on a 60’s inspired lace knitted dress so the retro theme is certainly in full swing chez Atelier Boyceau.

Pictures to come once finished, here’s a sneak peak: CIMG3886