Objects of desire 2.

As my passion for pattern grows, here are three items I am currently in love with.

These gorgeous gold coloured earrings are from Pilgrim (bought at Debenhams) and I just love their angular shape, art deco yet modern style, I love wearing them!

This clutch bag (a bag maker who still buys bags right?!) is fresh off a market stall in Marrakesh, I just couldn’t resist and after a bit of bartering we agreed a price. I love the colours and authentic pattern, looking forward to wearing it with a white t in the summer and of course it serves as another dose of inspiration for my own designs.

And finally I would like to share my favourite sewing room chair that I picked up at a craft fair in Warwick from a great fabric designer. You can see more from this designer here: www.facebook.com/bakeronsundaystreet

I have nearly finished three cotton knitted dresses that I am looking forward to sharing and adding to my Etsy shop so check back soon if you are in need of a spring smart/casual dress to impress with!!!



Purely Decorative

There is something so satisfying and alluring about a beautifully crafted wrought iron balcony. Elaborate swirls coat buildings with a metallic forest, and thoughtfully placed angular shapes are reminiscent of an art deco era.   Perfectly symmetrical floor tiling and luxurious carpets are equally enticing.

Cue gallery of recent snapshots that are proving more than inspirational for Atelier Boyceau:

Right up my street! Enjoy!